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Weighing Equipment


The low profile OHAUS RE Series standard price computing scale meets most weighing needs for the cost conscious retailer. The RE Series is highly versatile and portable, with its battery operation and price computing features such as: 100 PLU memory, 24 pre-set keys, By-Count pricing and Fractional pricing.


This makes the RE Series ideal for applications including mobile businesses, retail sale of fruits & vegetables, meats and cheese, delicatessens, confectionery, coffee and tea and portion control.


Easy to operate, easy to clean and requiring minimum maintenance, the RE Series has everything you need in a standard retail price computing scale.



The OHAUS RA Series price computing scale provides the perfect blend of ruggedness for retail environments and portability for operator convenience. Its rugged housing, sleek profile and small footprint make it an ideal candidate for any counter. The weight, unit and total price of a purchase can be easily seen on the front and back LCD displays. The OHAUS RA Series is easy to use, easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance, making it an ideal solution for your basic retail applications.


Applications include portioning, packaging and retail sale of meats, cheese, fruits, vegetables, confections, baked goods, coffee, tea and other items for sale to the public.

All for an affordable price.Boost ProfitsEasy-to-UseEnhanced Precise, high resolution tare values reduce the amount of weight attributed to tare, recovering several dollars per day in lost profits. bPro’s intuitive user interface means you can train employees quickly, reducing training costs. The included free, user-friendly item management software saves time by enabling you to update all your scales at once.BPro makes it easy for operators to change labels and store managers to adjust product information. The patented “Light Touch” keyboard and 140 preset keys ensure fast transactions. Fully graphic, clear displays and a logical menu structure make navigating the scale easy. Included software simplifies managing scale item data and label graphics. Increase sales and build customer loyalty by running promotions on bPro’s graphic customer display. Reinforce important marketing messages to customers with bPro’s custom label formats and graphics on its high-resolution printer. bPro has the capability to support many popular features, including Nutri-Facts, Safe Handling instructions, Frequent Shopper programs, and more.

Profit Impact
• Improve your accuracy. Multi-interval weighing saves several cents on every tare-based transaction – saving thousands of dollars per year with each scale.
• Lower downtime. Impact M is supported by METTLER TOLEDO’s industry-leading InTouch remote service capability, to resolve your questions and issues faster.

Productivity Impact
• Work faster! The modern, easy-to-use 10.4-inch color interface enhances staff productivity through easy access to thousands of preset PLUs, along with direct entry of PLUs for fast retrieval.
• Reduce service disruption with a generous label capacity. The Impact M accommodates a full six-inch label roll, the largest in the industry. Fewer changes means fewer transaction interruptions.
Marketing Impact
Extend your brand from the store to the customer’s home through high-resolution label graphics. Choose from a variety of fonts, images, and other options.
Share more information at the counter and drive sales with a large customer display capable of presenting images, frequent shopping prices, store brand pro


Impact M

Building on the METTLER TOLEDO commitment to outstanding and long-lasting value, the Impact S is packed with features that make a difference. 

From the multi-interval load cell and state-of-the art user interface, to the large label roll and hi-resolution label graphics, the Impact S is designed to deliver unprecedented value. 

When paired with our remote service tools such as Windataback or VNC, and our network of service professionals, the Impact S provides outstanding total cost of ownership.


The UC Evo Line is our most advanced line of counter scales. Capable of integrating with countless third party applications, the PC-based scales will become the hub of your fresh department. The large operator touchscreen with graphical presets makes it easier for operators to access the information they need. Its advanced functionality is matched only by its impressive design. Sleek and modern with a color, VGA, LCD customer display with in-store marketing capabilities, it’s sure to impress. The UC Evo Line, where form meets function.

Ultimate Marketing Tool
Ideal for retailers wanting to increase sales and maximize the return on their investment. Through dynamic product marketing, the UC-CWT facilitates more personal associate and customer interaction, right at the scale. Its lightning fast processor and 12.1” color, SVGA, LCD customer display makes every transaction a superior shopping experience.

Performance in Color
With its faster processor, the UC-CWQ is designed to meet the demands of third-party application integration. Offering a 5.7” color, VGA, LCD customer display, your store brand and logo are reinforced with every sale. The easy to operate and manage UC-CWQ is our best-in-class and most economical choice for retailers who want ultimate ease-of-use.

The UC-CWQ and the UC-CWT are both available as self-service options. They offer a compact, low profile scale with a 12.1” user touchscreen located at the height of the scale platter. As an alternative, the UC-GT has an upper 12.1” operator touchscreen with the printer located on the tower, for easy access by the consumer when the scale is mounted on lower height stands. Models with a mounted scanner are available for both the UC-CWQ and the UC-GT.


The UC-CWM base model is loaded with features that will help improve your operation. As in the rest of the UC family, the UC-CWM has the popular 10.4” color touchscreen. Standard features include the advanced GLX500 processor and standard 1/4 VGA monochrome customer display.

The color touchscreen is responsive and easy-to-use, benefiting operations where high turnover and training may be problems. SalesPro is available to display product information or instructions on the operator display. Select from the classic or the new enhanced graphical interface. Preset keys can be text only or graphical. Setting up the UC in graphic mode is easy and comes with an extensive food photo library.

Your Label is Your Brand
• Do your current in-store printed labels maximize your marketing potential?
• Do your customers easily find the information they are seeking on your labels?
• Do you comply with all government labeling regulations? Your label is your brand.
It is part of the customer impression you will make. Don’t settle for less than the best impression. With UC-LP, you can make sure every labeled package reflects your investment in your brand. Select the newest high speed, high quality label printer from a company with a long history of creating innovative label printing solutions. Simplify, integrate, and promote your brand using the UC-LPs latest printing technology.

The UC-LP combines powerful computing and high capacity printing into one housing to deliver an easy-to-use label printer.
• Training operators takes less time. The easy-to-use interface makes learning simple.
• More labels means less roll changes and downtime.
• The compact design frees up counter and prep space in the fresh department.
• Reduce the amount of equip-ment to maintain. Integrate The UC-LP allows you to run useful applications and devices to leverage the investment of this device and meet your needs.
• Run third-party applications like Fresh Item Management, product planning, task management systems, etc.
• Operate multiple external USB devices.
• Connect to scale base to print random weight labels. Promote Deliver your brand on every package with confidence, while maximizing your label appearance using the high resolution printing of the UC-LP.
• Utilize any Windows-supported font.
• Spice up the design of your labels using custom graphics.
• Provide information such as Nutrifacts, promotional text, safe handling, and cooking instructions

Interested in couponing? With Fresh Media Solutions, couponing can help boost center store sales. Add additional value and suggestive cross selling with METTLER TOLEDO Meal Planner. Meal Planner offers customers creative and fresh recipes related to the product you are selling at the time. Contact A. C. Lister & Company for additional information.






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Email us: sales@aclisterco.com

Call 1(800)282-2656 or email us at sales@aclisterco.com

Call 1(800)282-2656 or email us at sales@aclisterco.com

Call 1(800)282-2656 or email us at sales@aclisterco.com

Call 1(800)282-2656 or email us at sales@aclisterco.com

Call 1(800)282-2656 or email us at sales@aclisterco.com

Call 1(800)282-2656 or email us at sales@aclisterco.com

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Our Most Economical Scale Solution
Built for Retail Professionals
The bPro Counter Scale is the scale you need at an affordable price. Packed with professional features, bPro will exceed performance expectations without straining your budget. At METTLER TOLEDO, we understand the complexities of the retail business. That’s why we created bPro, a scale that you can choose today with the confidence of knowing that it will perform well for many years. When you purchase a bPro you will be able to 1) make it easier for your employees to do their jobs, 2) market to your customers in new and innovative ways, and 3) minimize operational costs while saving money on every transaction.