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Model: Mettler Toledo 662   Spec sheet.pdf

The METTLER TOLEDO® StepSaver® systems are economical and easy to use and are designed for operator efficiency and improved productivity.

Select the controller that is best for your operation. Select the UC-ST or Model 8461 with Touchscreens and built-in printers or Model 8450 with a tactile keyboard and built-in printer. If you need more label capacity in an economical system, select the Model 355 Printer. For higher volume select the Model 8361 Controller with Touchscreen with the Model 317 Printer.

On all systems, simply enter the Price Look Up (PLU) number, place the product on the platter (which doubles as the wrapping platform )and wrap and seal the product. The label automatically prints and can then be applied to the package. Operators quickly become experts on this system.

All systems incorporate a 50 lb x 0.01 or 15 kg x .005 scale base and meet NIST Handbook 44 requirements.

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